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A young Eevee named Devin who was an Orphan for 4 years from the age of 3, has now become a full fledged member of the GAC, or better known as the Guild Alliance Corporation, along with his partner Blaze the Charmander and Olivea the Eevee. Over 7 years since the darkest day and the loss of Devin’s dearest friend Rose the Luxio. For now peace has so far returned to the land of Silverstone. But that all may turn around for our heros on their latest mission that may turn into a grand adventure.

Pokemon(c) Nintendo

PMDTE characters and story (c)JamestheTyphlosion


» Confession time of PMDTE...

So....here is the thing...I never played Pokemon Colosseum until recently, and...many of you probably thought I was doing the Shadow Pokemon story from Pokemon Colosseum in PMD format, weren't you? ^_^;

well, thing is, I never knew about it and was always confused when someone would ask/say something about Colosseum. But recently, I played Pokemon Colosseum and I just not realized how many of my ideas follow the game...how I managed to do that without knowing/playing it, I do not know.

Now after playing it, you may be asking 'will I be using more ideas of the game in PMDTE?' ...possible.

But thats all I wanted to say.

» To put ease on PMDTE

Something that has been floating in my mind for the past few...well, ever, is that I have been worried that many of you would look to PMDTE pages and go 'this doesn't make sense' or 'why would he do this?' or something.

Well I just feel I should put anyones mind to ease, besides those who have helped me

PMDTE has at least around 20 chapters already scripted out. So what you see is PLANNED. None of this is 'just play it by ear shot' stuff like I did back then. I' have at least 20 chapters set, and I want to say this, I may plan to stop around chapter 34 or 35 at best.

» Appologies...again....

Listen...I know I haven't been posting much lately in terms of pages and art. I guess it's because motivation is hard to come by these days. Im trying my best to get it back...if you guys have any suggestions on how to do so, please let me know. Im really tired of not drawing at all and lacking motivation to do it. I'd love nothing more then to get back to PMDTE and other stuff. You know?

» New PMDTE rule

From now on I'll post on Saturdays during school year. When its the summer I'll post like theres no tomorrow. Drawings will be randomly posted whenever possible. o3o

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