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A young Eevee named Devin who was an Orphan for 4 years, has now become a full fledged member of the GAC, or better known as the Guild Alliance Corporation, along with his friends Blaze the Charmander, Brenna the swellow, Kelly the houndour, Lightphire the quilava, and Olivea the Eevee. It has been 7 years since the loss of Devin’s dearest friend Rose the Luxio. In present, a dark force is looming upon the land of Visanos and our heroes must be ready for something that may be their hardest mission ever. Pokemon(c) Nintendo PMDTE characters and story (c)JamestheTyphlosion


» Stream monday!!

Monday morning, gonna be streaming some art!!! I'll have a link provided to come!! Hope yo see you lovely people there!!

» Another reason as to why I wanted to change Ch10

Well, as much as it was just as simple as 'wanting to change the plot' there was one...small thing I left out, that I wanted to keep a surprise till now. Because in chapter 10...I wanna do some Cameos for this chapter!!!

Now, what I ask for is the following

1 Character per request of cameo
2 Reference of the character that you wish to have cameo.

And just remember, they have to be Pokemon. And another thing, no Mythic of legendaries of any kind. And nothing absolutely crazy that it would take ages for me to draw.

So if you want to see your character cameod in PMDTE, go ahead and send your request down below in the comments, or you can PM me!!

» Problem concerning PMDTE...

SO...I know this is out of nowhere, but it concerns my motivation for chapter 10. See, the thing is, I know if I do this chapter, it is going to basically be BORING. This isn't a major spoiler, but it basically is just a chapter of sitting in a hallway, and getting a plan set for what is about to happen. And I know many of you may say 'well, just move the setting' or 'do something differen't'. Ok, yes. I could, but problem...there are things that need to be set up for Arc 2 that happen here. But I am going to be honest, I have no interest in doing chapter 10. It is just so boring...and that is not a good sign for a content creator.

SO!!! I can do 1 of 2 things.
Either I say screw it, force myself to do it and show what it is exactly (which isn't a good thing)


Make it a 1-2 page summary in what WAS chapter 11, made into chapter 10. Which I feel will be 10 times more interesting than anything chapter 10 will be.

I just need to get creative things going, and I feel chapter 10 will just be a slog, and we'll end up back at what happened last year...and I dont want that.


But if you feel there is another option, please let me know. That would be fantastic to know.

» Major news (PLEASE READ)

So, I've been thinking and discussing with Tyler on something that's been on my mind the pass while now. And I've decided to go ahead with it.

By the end of Chapter 8, I'm going on a bit of a hiatus for several months on PMDTE.

I just can't bring myself to draw the pages these days, and I have tried many many times recently. And it may be because I sadly don't have the original scripts to help it. To give a long story short, the scripts for PMDTE accidentally got deleted and I've been trying to get back on that, but...sadly I haven't. So, I am going to take several months to get that fixed.

And in the meantime, I'm also going to be working on another project as well I WANTED to do, but couldn't because along with those other scripts, the scripts for the projects got deleted too.

So if you're wondering where the heck all those projects I've been hinting at, talking about went, well...there ya go. I haven't been saying I'll do a new one then not do it by forgetting it. I LITERALLY don't have the scripts to do em...woop de doo.

I'll be doing random art here and there, but for several months, don't be expecting pages for PMDTE. It's gonna be a while till I get it back up and going for pages.

I'm sorry if this upsets anyone, but this is how it has to be.

Hope you all have a good day, and I'll see you all later. Bye bye. :wave:

» Possible PMDTE post schedule change

First to start this journal, no it is still gonna be 2 posts a week for PMDTE.

Now, knowing I'm gonna be working soon, I won't know when chapter 8 will begin. Probably within the next 2-3 weeks it'll be a break before chapter 8 starts off. So between that time, I will be working to see if I need to change when posting days will be.

And if nothing needs to be changed, then that'll be even better.

If you would like to help support me, I have a Patron open and always open for Commissions if you guys wanna just help a tiny bit. I dont wanna ask for too much, but anything at all would help. If you are unable to help in those areas, just helping in terms of support of my art and future career dreams would help as well. Any help whatsoever would be very nice indeed. Thank you all for being wonderful as well!

Just keep an eye out for the time being, and I will see you all later.

» So much happening right now

So, right now a lot has been happening in life. A lot more than I can explain, so I will just get to the basics.

Life has been slow for me. I have not been able to get college started because of financial difficulties, and it is even starting to affect my art stuff. I haven't been able to get onto DA because of what has been happening financially with my parents. And it also means that I can't go to college because of it.

Well recently, my sister has offered me to stay at her place and other sorts of things on a few conditions.

I will have to get a part time job. Nothing full, but something to get money going. And I understood this completely of what I have to do. I accepted this, and I will do what I can to ensure I get my life started. I need to go to college. I WANT to go to college. I want to do computer animations, I want to do more. And with the financial issues plaguing, I can't exactly do that. So I need to get started with things. And if this is what I must do, then it is what I must do.

Am I leaving SJ? No.
Am I stopping my comic? No
Will I be in contact? Of course

nothing will ever change with that, and I will always be here.

But I need to get my life started. It has been a struggle, and I'm ready to move onto bigger and better things in the future.

That is all I wanted to say for now. I'll let you know how this progresses and if it gets better/worse for me. I'm seeing things getting better.

Thank you all for everything. I hope you understand why I must do this, and I hope you all support me on this choice.

» Had issues with internet

Hey! I'm so sorry that there was no post on this Wednesday, but sadly my internet was being worse than I can put into words. But thankfully, we have gotten back up, and you'll see double posts on Saturday as an apology.

» PMDTE Bonus chapter starting tomorrow on WEB

Tomorrow I will start posting like usual with PMDTE on the bonus chapter. However, tomorrow on DA and SJ will be the cover. However, on the website, it'll be the actual first page. So if you want to see the first page and not wait on DA/SJ for it on wednesday, be sure to check it out tomorrow on here https://pmdtecom.wordpress.com/bonus-chapters/

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